Stuff I miss (and don’t) about New York

Miss – I sadly have almost no use for my iPhone (3G variety) since I’m always either at the office, home or in the car.  There’s virtually no commuting (live 1/2 mile from office), walking, or other in between time to spend QT w/ my apple goodness.  Ahh, the times I used to rudely look up answers while company sat and sneered seem to have gone by the wayside.

Don’t miss – Stinkin’ humidity.  Please no hate-filled responses to me saying the heat here isn’t bad.  107 today and easy to walk around w/ out sweating.  OK, so it feels like a very, very, very large hair dryer is blowing on you.  All it takes in NYC for my scalp pours to open up like niagra falls is 75 degrees with 70% humidity.  So yes, I like the dry heat.

Miss – Used to podcast lots-o-media and listen to on said iPhone, but because I don’t commute I now never listen to NPR shows This American Life, All Things Considered, Fresh Air and On The Media.  Coming home and just standing in the hallway while listening to the podcasts just doesn’t sound like a viable option.  What am I supposed to do while listening to Ira Glass’s brilliant hour, dust my furniture?

Don’t miss – The cost of living.  I joined a billion square foot gym open 24/7 365 with every amenity (minus 1) under the sun for $35/month.  And because they don’t have a basketball court, I might join a second gym for another $25/month.  I think for another $30/month (equaling the cost of an NYC gym) I can get a stripper to blow (air on) me while running on the treadmill.

Miss – Walking.  I’m pretty sure within a few months my legs will be rendered useless.  Realistically I need them for 2 purposes here, to stand while taking a shower and to push the gas pedal on the nissan 4-banger.  I’ve walked up and down the strip a few times, but it gets annoying the thousandth time someone tries to hand you a pamphlet for some blonde prostitute.  Although playing Las Vegas’ version of Jewish Geography could be quite fun.  That’s when you know the girl on the advertisement from your Thursday night spin class.

Don’t miss – Concrete.  I wake up every morning and eat breakfast while looking out at Red Rock Canyon.  Outside the time LB and I had a wanna be porn star living across the way, for the most part staring at a brick building just isn’t very motivating.

This is of course just a sampling of random thoughts (pros and cons needed to be even lest people think I’m running back to Gotham) in my head at 11pm on Tuesday.  It’s a given of course that I miss the people most of all.


2 Responses

  1. Really???

    let’s see.

    Dont miss

    Traffic- and I’m not talking Catherine Zeta Jones.
    Frost/Snow/IceSleet- The only shoveling required is sand at the parking lot of an Indian Reservation.
    State Income Tax- If you miss it you can send a donation.


    Beach/Water- La Jolla is nice but it’s 5 hours aways.
    Bookies- Making a bet at the sportsbook isn’t as fun as dealing with a shady ticket pusher. Like buying pot at the pharmacy.
    Fast Pace- Everybody here leaves work at 5:30, nobody is in a rush. Almost seems like they are enjoying life. Pathetic

  2. I listen to Ira Glass while dusting furniture…

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