@ the Holy Land to find “Ideas Worth Spreading”

I was feeling home sick or was it homeland sick (whichever one costs a $1,200 plane ticket to heal is the one I had)?  Needing to reconnect with my people after a few months in Sin City, I headed east to the Empire State and the concrete jungle where dreams are made of.  After three days back home I felt I needed more, so off I went to the real homeland, Israel.

First stop Jaffa (one of the oldest ports in the world), a beautiful city on the Mediterranean, for the 2nd best hummus in Tel Aviv.  Supposedly the best hummus was off limits to me as they didn’t want me to blow my load on the first day.  Or maybe it was because the best hummus was on the other side of town and this one was down the block.  Damn those Jews for holding out on me.

A show of hands, how many people know what TED is?  Higher please, I can’t see anyone’s elbows above their heads.  TED www.ted.com has nothing to do with Mr Turner, the defunct airline or the guy from How I Met Your Mother (btw NPH’s Barney Stinson is the funniest character on the tube).  TED (short for Technology, Entertainment, Design) is a U.S. private non-profit foundation that is best known for its conferences devoted to what it calls “ideas worth spreading”.  As KindAdRock says Check-ch-check-check-check-ch-check it out.  Anywho, went to the TEDx Tel Aviv conf, was awesome, buddy Michael rocked in helping put it together, rode an electric car, met some cool peeps.  Moving on.

Next day Michael and I went to the beach for Shakshouka (left), Kibbutz HaOgen for family time, Nazareth to check out where Jesus hailed, Sea of Galilee for no reason, then to Afula for a traditional Arab meal (right).  Great day checking out Israel’s beautiful north.

That’s it for part 1.  Part 2 gets you Jerusalem, The Dead Sea and other ADamVENTURES.  Please note:  if you’re not linked into my twitter or facebook accounts, please enter your email address on the top left hand side of the blog to get notifications when I post.  This way you don’t have to hit the site every day wondering if I’m in a writing mood.  For all my Israel pics http://picasaweb.google.com/adamhorowitz/IsraelTrip42552#


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