Go West Young Man and This Time Stay There!

Young is of course a relative term and I’m not quite sure who Horace Greeley was referring to when he famously advised in a July 13, 1865 editorial “Go West, young man, go West and grow up with the country.”  Well I’m not that young, but there’s always room for a little growing up so why not.  This is my second trip out here in the last few months but since I signed an annual lease I might as well make the best of what the City of Sin has to offer.

Last we left off, I was packing my things in NYC and ready to start anew in a city that only a few weeks prior I couldn’t locate on a map.  Thank goodness for GPS and the only 1 turn necessary to drive from NYC to LV.  Get on Route 80 and drive 2,000 miles to Salt Lake City, once there make a left onto Route 15.  Drive another 500 miles and when you see lots-o-neon, park the car, you’re now home.  An easy drive I thought (at 80+ MPH – see pic below in Nebraska) for someone who just drove 13,000…but I’d be wrong.

The roads got so icy heading up to Cheyenne, Wyoming that I drove the last 3 hours of my 13 hour drive that day under 20 mph.  One guy cruised passed me doing 40 which prompted me to think, “what’s he got that I haven’t”.  It was of course a reference to his tires and not any deep rooted psychological deficiency.  Vindication came just 30 seconds later as his car started doing 360s in the middle of the road.  He would’ve gotten a high technical score from the Bulgarian judge in the X-Games for his effort.  Luckily there was nobody else on the road for his car to slam into.

I finally arrived and settled down in my spacious apt overlooking the Red Rock Canyon (pic below from my balcony) and Red Rock Casino (bottom pic also from my balcony).  Oh and the new digs are at: 650 S. Town Center Drive, Apt 2023, Las Vegas, Nevada 89144.  The next post will update you on my first month in chilly Las Vegas.  Until then…


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