Le tour du pays en cent jours

Jules Verne’s got nothing on ADamVENTURES when it comes to touring the US.  In 1873 he posted one really big blog about Phileas Fogg’s attempt to circumnavigate the world in 80 days.  I give you mine in little bite size chunks to keep you on the edge of your seat.  But alas, I’ve been lax and I ask for forgiveness readers for I have sinned.  It’s been two months since my last blog posting.  In penance I’ll bet 3 hail mary’s on red and take the Knicks and the under tonight.

There will certainly be more than one blog post to update my faithful on the adamventures from Feb 1st when I was last seen heading back to Gotham City and the cold Winter that awaited.  The week after the last post saw me travel to Charleston, South Carolina, which was frikkin gourjuss as us Jersey Shore folks say it, Richmond VA, South Jersey for the Superbowl and back to good ole NYC.

Final tally:  I was gone for 100 days, spent time in 26 states, and racked up 13,000 miles.

My journey across the US and back was pretty relaxed given the plethora of tasks on my list needed to settle down…but searching for an NYC apartment in the area I wanted, at the price I wanted, with the space I wanted was daunting to say the least.  A 5 minute phone call to my friend Amnon 4 days after arriving on Jason Loeb’s couch brought me to where I am today, Las Vegas BABY!

I had a couple of weeks to see friends/family/colleagues and say so long, farewell auf wiedersehen, adieu adieu, adieu to you and you and you.  In the video below, a couple days before my departure, I met up with Ari who’s building a 70 story building downtown.  WOW, what a view!

Two weeks after that fateful call I hit the road.  I would’ve left a day earlier but 18 inches of snow slowed me down (see pic below of Union Square).

Thanks to JLoeb for letting me crash and to everyone else who could not have been more supportive of my decision, rational or not 😉

It’ll take me a few more blog posts to catch up to today, the last day in March.  Until then, same bat channel, same bat time.  Adam


One Response

  1. what a whirlwind.. i’d love to catch up w you by phone. vegas is great i’m sure, how fun! i tried to get karen to take a girls trip w me but she turned me down. maybe you can convice her and we can come visit you in sin city!!?
    be safe!
    jen 🙂

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