I’m running down the road tryin’ to loosen my load

I’d say “I’m heading home” but since I’m currently homeless it’s really just driving north and parking my car somewhere to be determined.  The ADamVENTURES site continues to get lots of viewers on a daily basis and there’s probably been some disappointment as the writing has slowed to a trickle or at best an inconsistant drip.  Although I won’t be detailing any grand adventures this evening, sharing my current whereabouts is time worth spending.

After a month in not-s0-sunny South Florida (not to be confused with the University of South Florida which isn’t located in South Florida…more closely Central Western Florida) it was time to move on and face the harsh reality of traveling towards the eskimos and donning a wool hat before the Spring thaw.  The last few days of Enero brought me back to Tampa to celebrate the invasion of the Spanish pirates also known as Gasparilla.  The rain dampened the festivities but we managed to party hop for 12 hours or so.  Not the longest fest in history, but one that’s not too shabby for peoples nearing the start of their fifth decade.

Currently in Atlanta with upcoming stops over the next fortnight (eh, maybe a 1/2 fortnight) including but not limited to Charleston, Raleigh, Richmond, DC, Baltimore and a final stop at Seaside Heights to party at Club Karma w/ JWoww and the Situation.  If anyone has final ideas prior to the ADamVENTURE train pulling into the station let it be heard.

Oh, and if you’ve some extra time please make me a snuggie (http://www.instructables.com/id/Make-Your-Own-Snuggie/) just not the leopard print shown in the video.



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  1. It was great seeing you in Atlanta. We took you for some southern Bar-B-que, and you also got some home cooking. You are invited back anytime, as you clean up after yourself, and even strip the bed when you depart. What great company. You had the joy of getting Ken’s new car with us, and listening to all the discussions that went with it. Hopefully we will see you when we venture up north in March.


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