Jersey Shore, How do I love thee? Let me count the ways.

Not since Seth Cohen of The OC blessed us with his dazzling array of shakespearean like performances have I been so fascinated with a nighttime broadcast.  Although usually loathe to watch anything on MTV, I was inspired by fellow Hazletian Sammi “Sweetheart” to revel in the lunacy that exists within the walls of one house in Sleazeside Heights NJ.  So what if it denegrates Jersey into it’s known sobriquet The Armpit of America?  As J-WOWW would say, “Bring it on bitch!”

Jumping back to a post from a few weeks ago, if you’d like to play “marry/bang/kill” with the Jersey Shore gang click HERE (scroll down a little bit after the link).  Although I chose with the majority, given my low tolerance for muttonheads (and the ability to modify the game rules) I’d probably skip the marrying, bang then kill all 3.  For other Jersey Shore funness click HERE.

Speaking of Guidos, that reminds me to discuss my New Years Eve.  With little time to plan I hit the ground running and visited as many trashy bars within a 5 mile radius of the DBV.  To call them trashy would imply that the people in these watering holes were White Trash.  Not wanting to misrepresent the patrons, I did some research and what I thought was initially WT turned out to be Rednecks.  Go figure.  Seems that just because I was the only person without multiple tattoos and smoking at every place I attended didn’t mean they were trash.  Turns out those identifiers could also mean they’re rednecks.  The best description I found was this one “White Trash can often be found hunting and fishing as well, but usually on someone else’s property”.  WT=Troublemakers RN=Good Natured Hillbillies

Next post: More ADamVENTUES and New Years Resolutions (figure if I write them after the first week I could leave off all the one’s already unresoluted).


5 Responses

  1. Nice to see Hazlet representing!

    Nice if you could have ended your trip/blog at the Jersey Shore……………

  2. I am surprised that Jami hasn’t weighed in with her definition of white trash or rednecks. We know she could discribe them well. Perhaps I will need to mention to her to reply to you.

    • The DBV and its environs there are three types of people: White trash, rednecks, and kvetchers. Unfortunately you have to fit in one of the three categories so that’s why I have to head back up north.

  3. In my opinion/extensive experience I would have to agree that rednecks are typically friendly simpletons who are more than happy to help you set up a tailgate tent or offer you an ice cold Bud Heavy. These individuals not only understand that they are Rednecks but they take pride in this fact and do not really care what you think.

    White trash is much different. These people typically do not know they are white trash which makes it better/ they are easier to spot. The largest differentiation between the two is that WT likes to draw attention to themselves while RNs do not. They like to drive pimped out mid level cars, listen to loud music, and are into public displays of affection. They also generally dress as if they came from the Jersey Shore/the BET awards. They typically lack manners and morals where as RNs are always polite god fearing individuals.

    One last thought: “You can take the girl out of the trailer park but you can’t take the trailer park out of the girl.”

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